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Laurent de Beer had built a glittering reputation working with the world’s finest jewellers. But when he set up his own business, he had to build his own proposition. It was our job – and privilege – to help him create a gold standard brand.


Master Goldsmith Laurent de Beer creates bespoke gemstone jewellery – pieces to commemorate a loved one or celebrate a new life stage. So, as well as being stunning, each piece sparkles with character. In setting up his own business, Laurent would have no trouble crafting jewellery that buyers would adore. But building a brand was way out of Laurent’s comfort zone. We had to find a way of working that would suit him perfectly.


To begin with, we used our international network to assemble a team: one that included world-famous photographer Kurt Stallaert, as well as one of our most trusted designers, based in Milan. Masters of their craft, like Laurent himself.


Then, since new clients often find it difficult to imagine how early concepts might work as real brand collateral, we guided Laurent step by step, making the brand building process extremely visual. We also described specific target audience groups, from the classical buyer to the edgy fashionista, helping Laurent express the idea that he’s not merely giving buyers something beautiful to wear – he’s giving them a way to express their beautiful selves.


In the end, the brand showed how Laurent’s jewellery helps women to shine. So it allowed Laurent to shine too.

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