Doctors Orders


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Doctors Orders


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When this food startup came to us, the team needed a brand that was as tasty as their new, nutritious snack bar. But it was going to take something special to help them stand out on shelves saturated with (unhealthy) competition.






Our client had worked in a food lab for years before deciding to create his dream snack: a truly delicious biscuit bar made only with healthy, natural ingredients. Now, having perfected his product, he wanted to tell the world about it – which is why he asked us to create not only the packaging but the name. A sweet project if ever there was one.


In our initial research, we found that many other ‘healthy’ products were stuffed with unhealthy fats and sugars. So, working with a talented and celebrated designer from Stockholm, we explored different design concepts that balanced taste and nutrition. All of which led us – with the help of a hungry focus group – to our name, Doctor’s Orders. A name that clearly says: this really is good for you.


This name then led us to our doctor. Using illustration, we created a charming, curious character – a bit like Willy Wonka or Phileas Fogg, and not unlike our client himself. A character who would stand out on the shelves, and who would look equally at home on an office desk or in a lunchbox. The whole approach? A recipe for success.


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