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Fem Home


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Startup Fem offered beautiful homewares. But before they could build beautiful marketing to match, we needed to strengthen the foundations of their brand.

All the while, we – known for our edgy superbike campaigns – would need

to explore our softer side.


Fem Home was a growing business making high end soft furnishings: plush curtains and throws, sumptuous bed linens and blankets. Having developed their particular and exquisite tastes, Fem needed a brand identity that was as clear sighted as their business strategy.


We could have approached the work in the usual way. But, despite the inviting furnishings, we didn’t sit back and get comfortable. Taking the initiative, we decided to create four distinct stories for four different households – stories of how couples, individuals and families lived and loved their homes – before using these stories to organise Fem’s products into corresponding collections. The stories became the basis for our creative work, guiding us from concept to completion.

After creating new branding, we applied it to everything Fem would need: website, stationery, right down to the swing tags. Highlighting the renowned Dutch quality of Fem’s products, all brand elements were bespoke and beautifully crafted – our custom sales tool for retailers was made with a special, tactile paper that was as soft as silk.


Throughout the project, we drew on our incredible network. Our fashion expert in Milan, who regularly collaborates with luxury brands, supported us with the concept and art direction. And top LA photographer Paul Barbera, an interior specialist, took promotional shots that showcased the products in each distinct story. Their expertise helped Fem to reflect their undeniable belief: that home is where the heart is.

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