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We’d just given FOCUS BIKES an important brand refresh, taking them back to their German engineering roots. Now, we had to bring the new brand ideas to life in a winning campaign for the Chrono Max.

We’d just completed our brand refresh when FOCUS asked us to produce individual promotional campaigns for several of their bike models. One of these campaigns would be for their flagship time trial bike, the Izalco Chrono Max: a bike used by the AG2R professional time trial team and the winner of events worldwide.


The launch of the Chrono Max – across Europe, Asia and America – was a great opportunity to demonstrate the client’s renewed focus on outstanding engineering. Guided by the new brand, we explored that the idea that the bike splits seconds more effectively than its competitors. After all, at top competition level, these split seconds are the difference between winning or losing.


In key visuals, we celebrated those fine technical details that chip away at race times. Against bold, black backgrounds, we set statistics about the bike’s aerodynamic frame – weight, angle, rise. And we used graphics of individual parts, in the style of technical drawings. The jagged, split typography was a subtle reminder of the bike’s ability to slash race times. All this added up to a campaign that was bold, memorable, and absolutely on brand.

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