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When Fem Home refocused their product range, they had to reposition themselves in the luxury interiors market. Taking on the new name Frankly Amsterdam, they asked for a new identity that encompassed elegance, style, eco-credentials – and a dash of eccentricity too.


Having built their name in luxury soft furnishings, the team at Fem Home gradually found a particular niche: exquisite carpets. Custom-made pieces, these carpets were often too beautiful to be walked on – they were instead put on walls, admired as works of art.


As they reshaped their business model to suit their new specialism, the business took on a new name: Frankly Amsterdam. The new name also required a new look – which is where we stepped in.


First, we had to create a new logo. And this logo needed to work extremely hard. It had to encompass the typically Dutch directness of the brand, as well as its elegance and sophistication. But it also had to encapsulate its high-fashion quirkiness. Our task was made more difficult by the fact that the brand name itself is quite long and somewhat angular, a cluster of consonants.


But, by exploring how the logo would work across all materials (including the edges of carpet rolls) we found the answer. The resulting typeface is simple and sophisticated, with a subtly unusual ‘R’ that nods to the brand’s unconventional side. Meanwhile, the colour is rich but neutral, natural. In line with the brand’s eco-conscious focus on zero waste, the logo contains nothing frivolous – everything is clean and minimal, quietly beautiful.


Now, Frankly Amsterdam has a reputation for creating carpets that are not only fit for the finest homes but hung in the lobbies of the world’s best hotels. They also have a brand that reflects this.


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