Kawasaki Motors Europe: NINJA & Z125
'The Toughest Choice'


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When Kawasaki asked us to promote their entry-level bikes, we knew we could come up with something visually stunning that would make young buyers look. But how could we get them to go further and actually engage with the brand?

Kawasaki has two options for recently-qualified riders. There’s the Ninja 125, which is perfect for budding racers. And there’s the Z125, made for prowling the city streets. While they’re very different, they’re both stunning – which makes it tough for a buyer to choose between them. Which is exactly what inspired us to create a campaign about tough choices.


We realised: young people are faced with choices every day. And the choices they make say something about who they are. So, to promote the bikes, we created a digital campaign –from teaser movies and posters to a full microsite and app – asking potential buyers to make tricky decisions. Playlist or podcast? Club or pub? Of course, we included the toughest choice of all: Z series or Ninja? Once customers had told us which type of rider they wanted to be, we could connect them to like-minded people in the wider Kawasaki community and lead them to the right ride.

Presented in a young, urban style that reinterpreted Kawasaki’s existing colour palette, our (often personal) questions were irresistible to young people exploring their identities. Every answer produced the clicks that define a successful campaign, giving us valuable data about Kawasaki’s audience. Above all, our questions showed the audience that the Z125 and Ninja 125 are not just bikes – they’re lifestyle choices. Statements of intent.


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