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Creative concept
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Among a certain group of riders, there’s a shared assumption that unisex motorcycles are less appealing than other bikes. By reminding people to think for themselves, we helped them see that the unisex Vulcan S is both distinctive and extremely desirable.

Blending classic cues with modern styling, comfort with cool, Kawasaki’s Vulcan S is completely different to anything else on the market. It’s also unisex: something that can put off certain (macho) riders. That means the Vulcan S is a bike for individuals, for free thinkers, for people who aren’t swayed by the crowd. And that’s exactly how we had to sell it.


Our launch campaign was all about celebrating individuality. We decided to use illustration in our key visuals and movie – a creative, comic-book style that not only oozed character but allowed us to depict a futuristic setting in an analogue way. We also developed an app that allowed users to design their own custom Vulcan S, and we arranged for certain shops to build custom versions to be showcased at events like the EICMA motorcycle fair. All this was a reminder that to choose the Vulcan S is to make your own choices, to forge your own path – to do things Your Way.

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