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Kawasaki’s Z models are all rebellious, powerful beasts. But they aren’t lone wolves. We had to show motorcycle lovers that Z bikes are part of the same rule-breaking pack – and in doing so, we decided to break a few rules ourselves.

Since the world-beating Z1 raced onto the scene in 1972, the Z series has been known for its raw power and aggression, and for the superior technology that gives even the boldest riders supreme confidence and control. Today, the Z650, Z900 and Z1000 bring these characteristics to the market in their own unique ways.



But a Z series bike is not a list of features. It’s an attitude, a statement. An act of rebellion. Kawasaki wanted people to know that, whichever you choose, owning a Z series model makes you part of one renowned and radical tribe.


To bring the Z models together, we launched Refined Raw: a campaign that threw established conventions out of the window. The promotional video and photography were largely black and white. And, apart from subtle highlights in Kawasaki green, the one colour we used liberally was red: not a brand colour, but an attention-grabbing choice inspired by passion, danger and modernism. The approach was daring – but it was key in creating a campaign that was unusually arresting and representative of the fiery Z series spirit.




All the while, we explored the balance of refinement and rawness. In every image, a bike was presented in ultra-sharp resolution, rendered in the blackest blacks and purest whites to reveal every fine detail – but around it, graphic elements had a roughness, a grittiness. The whole campaign summed up the dual nature of the Z series in a way that (we were glad to hear on the grapevine) made competitors green with envy.


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