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Kawasaki Motors Europe


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The retro look of the Z900RS is more than a style choice. It’s a reminder that the bike is a descendant of Kawasaki’s iconic Z1. It was our job to cement the Z900RS’s place in history as a neo-classic – a modern icon.

Kawasaki’s Z900RS features all the modern features that riders expect. But – inspired by the historic Z1, a Kawasaki icon that originally launched in 1972 – these features are wrapped up in irresistible retro styling. To launch the Z900RS around the world, we wanted to draw on the bike’s extraordinary heritage, to say: this bike encapsulates not just the look but also the spirit of classic biking.

Taking our cue from the 1970s, we created a beautiful cinematic film, telling the story of characters who all live and breathe classic motorcycling. The epic landscapes and locations gave the movie – and the bike itself – a classic, timeless feel. Meanwhile, the corresponding print ads were inspired by classic 70s movie posters, styled in a way that stood way apart from other motorcycle campaigns.


Ultimately, our evocative campaign showed that the Z900RS could more than live up to its iconic predecessor.

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